What Is an Access Control System?

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An access control system is essentially an electronic security system. You can use this system to manage who enters different areas of your business or school. The system also provides information about who enters your facility, when they enter, how long they stay, and more.

Delco Solutions is a leading provider of door access control systems in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. With our access control installation services, you can increase security and reduce risk at your business or school.

What Is Access Control, and Why Is It Important?

When considering access control, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines it as a process for granting or denying requests for obtaining and using information processing services and relevant data or entering physical facilities.

Businesses and schools use commercial access control systems to protect against property theft. They can also restrict access to information processing systems and data, reducing the risk of a data breach. Additionally, businesses and schools can save money by utilizing these systems in lieu of hiring and training security guards.

How Does Access Control Work?

Commercial access control systems consist of the following components: 

  • Access Points: These are entry points where security controls like door locks or turnstiles are set up to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Identifiers: To enter a secure area, an authorized user must utilize an identifier like a key fob, key card, PIN, or password.
  • Readers: Readers are placed at access points to verify a user’s identity.
  • Control Panel: When a person provides their identifier to a reader, the information is sent to a control panel. If a person is an authorized user, the control panel grants access.
  • Server: The server tracks user activity, data, access privileges, and audit logs. This server can be located on-site or in the cloud and provide administrators with reports that show past successful and failed access attempts.

If you are interested in getting this type of system, it is beneficial to have an experienced security system company, like Delco Solutions, at your side. This company can teach you how access control works. It can also implement your access control system and help you get the best results out of it.

How to Implement Access Control

There are many things that you can do to implement physical access control measures across your business or school, such as:

1. Use Physical Devices

 Access badges, electronic locks, and other physical devices let you limit access to your information systems and data. These devices ensure that only authorized users can access specific areas of your facilities.

2. Utilize Biometrics

You can use biometrics to go beyond a standard system for controlling access. With biometrics, you require users to use their fingerprint, face, or other physical characteristics to verify their identity.

3. Establish Policies

Your access control policies define who can enter what areas of your facilities. It is important to review and update your access control policies regularly.

4. Track Your Results

Access control system monitoring and auditing are key. With regular monitoring and audits, you can identify vulnerabilities and keep your system running at peak levels.

5. Find the Right Partner

The right audio visual and security solutions company understands how an access control system works. It can learn about your business or school and provide you with a system that meets your requirements.

Explore Commercial Access Control Systems for Your Business or School

An access control system is a must-have for Philadelphia area businesses and schools. At Delco Solutions, we can help you find a system that boosts security across your facility. We can implement and manage your system, too.

Contact the security experts at Delco Solutions to design and install the perfect access control system for your facility.


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