AV Control Systems

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Custom AV Control Systems

Create the Ideal Conference Room Environment

Streamlined business communication requires modern audio visual design and professional installation. Reliable connectivity is only possible with access to the latest AV innovations. The experts at Delco Solutions have years of experience with multimedia services. Our audio visual technicians work to the highest industry standards. This dedication provides an enjoyable experience to every user.

What is an AV Control System?

Consider your AV control system as the master remote for managing audio visual devices. An optimized control system provides facilities with a user-friendly interface. It assists in operating and controlling audio visual equipment.


A fully-integrated conference room AV control system allows users to:

  • Turn various devices on and off, such as:
    • Displays
    • Projectors
    • Cameras
    • Microphones
    • Speakers
  • Adjust lighting and temperature in a room
  • Stream and play music from various devices
  • View and switch between various feeds
  • Fully engage their audience 
Closeup of an AV control system in a cabinet

Benefits of AV Control Systems

Messages are only as meaningful as their distribution source. Without a reliable interface, meetings become convoluted, stressful, and frustrating. An efficient AV control system provides a unified network to manage hardware.

Adds Convenience

With a custom AV control system, audiences and speakers can enjoy streamlined presentations that don’t waste anyone’s time. Presenters can get started quickly and clearly deliver their message without obstruction.

Adds Comfort

A more efficient meeting room increases user satisfaction. Delco Solutions tailors AV control systems to your space and organizational needs. Our technicians specialize in adapting to the preferences of both participants and presenters. 

Saves Time

With our advanced AV systems, organizations can reduce the time needed for IT onboarding and support. Installations from Delco Solutions account for staff learning curves by providing technical training. The ability to engage viewers both remotely and in person also saves travel time. 

Saves Money

Innovative digital presentation aids can save on printing costs. Philly AV company Delco Solutions makes going paperless easier than ever with our advanced audio visual installations. Plus, specialized AV software allows for internet phone VoIP capabilities that are significantly cheaper than traditional phone systems. Moreover, our clients save money by decreasing the need for technical support. Your competently-trained staff eliminates the need for recruiting third-party IT assistance. 

Contact Delco Solutions for Custom AV Control System Installation in the Tri-State Area

The best audio visual installations aim to facilitate learning, communication, and business growth. Delco Solutions provides Philadelphia and the surrounding regions with premium technology to streamline lessons and presentations. Our boardroom and classroom AV control systems deliver messages with ease. Leaders can also ensure attendee security by easily managing the necessary hardware and software. Be sure to recruit our pro audio visual technicians for your next AV installation.

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