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Audio Visual Services

Our employees are experienced in a wide array of audio visual, networking, security and systems integration solutions. Delco Solutions provides a full range of AV and security design, installation, maintenance and repair services throughout Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County & Bucks County), New Jersey, Delaware and beyond. We have broad experience working on all types of communal spaces but we specialize in corporate and educational environments and have on going partnerships with a lot of local companies, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. We can help you with:

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

We can customize your boardroom or conference room based on your business’ individual goals. Whether you’re hosting meetings with remote participants or presenting to a room full of people, your state-of-the-art AV system will give you the utmost confidence. We’ll be with you every step of the way from design and installation to follow-up testing and training.
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Higher Education Lecture Halls

Technology in higher education is consistently expanding and becoming a more prominent tool for college students. Upgrade your lecture halls to keep up with students’ expectations and help them be more successful. Reliable projectors with interactive screens provide high-quality presentations and lectures, while a versatile control center ensures ease of use with a variety of media.
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Live performances, presentations, movie nights and more — an audio visual system for a multi-purpose room or auditorium must be able to meet a diverse array of needs and make the most of your space. We create an environment for you that offers large audiences a crystal clear audio visual experience. Lecturers can rest easy knowing they have everything they need to deliver compelling presentations, managing all AV components via a digital control center. Our systems ensure long-term value for our users and, in turn, produce a consistent return on investment.
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interactive classroom technology

Interactive Classroom Technology

Are your students as engaged as you want them to be? Increase classroom productivity with interactive whiteboards, projectors, classroom audio systems, student response systems and more. Student response systems provide instructors with the ability to engage the entire class and easily assess student progress.

Sound and Paging Systems

Streamline communication throughout your business or school with a sound system for building-wide announcements or music. Upgrade your business’ environment for visitors and employees to share vital communication integrating customized technological solutions.
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Digital Signage and Video Walls

Seamlessly push out custom messaging and updates for your organization and eliminate the burden of printing posters or changing marquees with a custom digital signage solution. Or dramatically increase the reach and engagement power of your messaging and your organization’s image with a custom video wall solution.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Our installations make reaching a mass audience possible thanks to our solutions designed for distance learning. Save significant time and money on travel costs by outfitting your business with video conferencing technology paired with an audio system and other tools to enable collaboration with remote participants.
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data wiring

Data Wiring

Outdated networks are up to 90x slower than new technologies and pose major security threats. By updating your network with Delco Solutions, you can:
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Custom Control Systems

Audio visual systems integrate a variety of different technologies that work together seamlessly but need to be controlled separately. Control systems can be as simple as a remote or an on/off wall mount but can also be more involved touchscreens or hardware devices. Regardless of how simple or complex your custom audio visual system is, we’ll install the best control system for your needs and train you on how to use it.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are a way to manage who has access to an area or specific resource at any given time. Access control systems restrict access to authorized users and provide managers and business owners with a way to keep track of who enters and leaves secured areas.

In an access controlled-building, authorized persons use credentials (examples include a physical card, a digital card via a mobile device, or biometric) to make unlock requests at readers, and these readers then send information to an Access Control Unit (ACU), also known as an access control panel or a controller. The ACU then triggers the electrified door hardware to unlock, if the user is authorized.
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Digitally recorded video allows administrators to easily monitor and review footage and ensure the safety of their co-workers and/or students. Surveillance from your security system can also be viewed remotely from any smartphone or tablet. Access to your building can be controlled via a card reader or keypad connected to an electronic door lock. You’ll be able to “buzz” acceptable guests into your building from your reception area, while monitoring them through your security system.


Esports programs are quickly growing in popularity among schools nationwide! If want to develop a long-term program in this emerging industry, then your esports facility should be outfitted with the best technology possible for everything from the gaming itself to media streaming and production so that you can project a truly immersive experience both in person and remotely.

Body Temperature Thermographic Cameras

Using body temperature thermographic cameras are a non-invasive way to capture and present high temperatures on a monitor which can be recorded or just simply viewed. Early detection of a fever allows for safe analysis of potential illnesses. Up to 16 people can be read at once, so it’s effective for organizations of all sizes.

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