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Esports are a form of competition where gamers square off either individually or in teams at a professional, collegiate, or lower school level. The competitions are often setup in a tournament style format where the winner can earn money for themselves, their team, or their school’s program.

Esports programs are quickly growing in popularity among schools nationwide as they seek new ways to differentiate themselves and to increase student enrollment and participation. A proper Esports program not only allows a school to boost its extracurricular offerings to its students, it also gives them hands-on experience in technology and media production which can be applied in many related fields. For example, online broadcasting software platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and Caffeine are actually one of the main reasons why Esports has grown so much as gamers and content creators are able to capture the attention of the hundreds of thousands of viewers that regularly use those applications. If your goal is to develop a long-term program in this newly emerging industry then your esports facility should be outfitted with the best technology and sound system possible for everything from the gaming itself to media streaming and production so that you can project a truly immersive experience both in person and remotely.

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Below are some important factors to consider when looking to start an Esports program. Your answers to the questions are very important in deciding on the size, layout, and type of space and AV system installation that should be selected.

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