Esports Arena AV Solutions

Establish your digital dream team with advanced AV systems for esports arenas

The world of digital gaming and online sports is booming. Researchers expect the number of esports enthusiasts to reach 285.7 million by the year 2024. Our passionate Philadelphia area sports fans deserve state-of-the-art esports programs for supporting their favorite organizations. So what does it take to develop your own profitable esports arena? 


Esports are a form of competition where gamers square off either individually or in teams at a professional, collegiate, or lower school level. Organizers carry out the competition using a tournament-style format where the winner can earn money for themselves, their team, or their organization’s program. Delco Solutions specializes in servicing and installing the AV systems for esports arenas throughout the Main Line region.

Looking to Start an Esports Program?

The esports field (no pun intended) is rewarding and exciting. Would you consider initiating an official esports program for your next fundraiser? Perhaps you want to create your organization’s program completely from scratch. Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

Custom Philadelphia Esports Arena Delco Solutions

These considerations will establish the size, layout, scope, and type of AV equipment necessary to bring your esports program to life. If you still need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact our audio visual technicians for more insight on developing your esports AV setup.

Start Designing Your Esports Arena Today!

AV Components in Esports Arenas​

TV Monitor Displays

Stream and showcase live feeds with ease and precision by installing crystal-clear monitor displays.

Laser Projectors & Projector Screens

Amplify any stream with advanced laser projectors and screens for maximum reach and impact.

Matrix Switcher

Seamlessly switch between inputs and displays for dynamic presentation of live or recorded feeds.

Sound System

Our audio visual technicians specialize in installing high-quality esports sound equipment and audio sources for impressive output.


Easily adjust lighting levels for an immersive visual arena experience.

Production Studio

Effortlessly control and scale audio visual capabilities for competition stages in larger venues.

Media Broadcasting

Engage fanbases with high-tech media production capabilities to grow your following and fan loyalty.

Audio Visual Components in Esports Arenas

Experienced audio visual companies like Delco Solutions are your greatest resource for esports arena equipment and installations. Our expert audio visual technicians know what it takes to initiate and maintain a successful esports program. Allow us to help you build the modern esports program of your dreams with our commercial AV solutions. Generate revenue while participating in your favorite online sports with a modern esports AV setup. As this popular industry develops, so do our unmatched audio visual skills and techniques. Contact our technicians for a quote today!