Sound & Paging Systems

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Streamline Communication in Your School or Business

Partner with Delco Solutions to expedite your organization’s communication processes with an advanced paging system installation in your facility. Our experienced technicians provide superior service for various sound and paging devices to improve connectivity and staff relations.

About Commercial Sound Systems

Sound and paging systems benefit a variety of businesses and industries. This technology essentially allows for quick and efficient delivery of an audio message, particularly to a large group of people. Companies and schools can use commercial sound systems to make announcements, play background music, generate commentary, and notify the masses by amplifying sound through multiple speakers.

Getting the attention of a large audience is easier said than done. A host of distractions and obstacles can inhibit an important and often vital message (consider crowd chatter, loud headphones, and cell phone usage). An advanced paging system can significantly improve the chances of getting your message across to the most listeners. Avoid conveying the same message repeatedly with a modern commercial sound system.

Advantages of Paging Systems

Not sure if a paging system is right for you? Here are some of the top benefits of investing in a modern paging system:

  • Improved safety potential
  • Attracts attention quickly
  • Widespread message broadcasting
  • Penetrates background noise
  • Simple to maintain
  • Cohesive audio source for music or sound effects
  • Ease of application and use

Common Industries that Benefit from Paging Systems

Almost all industries can benefit from investing in a modern paging system such as:

  • K-12 & Higher Learning
  • Local Government
    • Police & Fire Departments
    • Municipal & Township Buildings
  • Hospitality & Amusement
  • Sports & Athletics
  • Emergency Operations
  • Concerts & Theatre
  • Wedding & Party Venues
  • Churches & Places of Worship
  • And more!

Sound and Paging System Design, Installation, and Repair

Delco Solutions’ audio visual technicians enable effective broadcasting of messages through premium sound system design, build, installation, and maintenance. Businesses looking to update the ease of communication within their facility should consider contacting our AV experts for an improved paging system. Self-installed systems are more prone to malfunctions and hardly come close to the pristine quality of Delco Solution’s installations.

Common signs that your paging system needs updates or repair include:

  • Distorted or fractured sound output
  • Speaker shaking, movement, or humming
  • Audible popping or rattling
  • Lack of treble or bass
  • Volume inconsistencies

Our PA experts can ensure the utilization of the appropriate equipment, proper placement of hardware, and a centralized control system. With our array of commercial audiovisual solutions ranging from sound and paging design to system repairs and servicing, the professionals at Delco Solutions are eager to transform the way your business operates. We also offer premium audio visual support services to effectively simplify your system.

Contact Delco Solutions for Advanced Paging System Installation in the Philadelphia Area

Help your business amplify important messages at the right time with an innovative paging system. Delco Solutions offers paging system installation for large-scale projects like stadiums and auditoriums to smaller projects, including offices and stores.  


With years of technological expertise, our team can introduce your business to options for innovative and easy-to-use sound system designs. Our expert knowledge and superior customer service techniques guarantee a positive experience and professional installation with every project. Contact our AV installation specialists in Philadelphia to learn more about implementing a modern paging system guaranteed to optimize mass notifications and give you more control over vital message circulation.

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