Video Surveillance Security Systems

Monitor display security camera footage from multiple cameras

Integrated security and video surveillance solutions for premium asset protection

Implementing appropriate security measures for your school or commercial facility is essential but doesn’t have to be complicated. Many administrators assume that enhancing security means more elaborate safety protocols, expensive new equipment, and lots of rewiring. Delco Solutions simplifies this process with our modern video surveillance security system installations.

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Your Facility

Maximizing security for your organization shouldn’t inconvenience managers, staff, or personnel. Protecting assets must be simple yet meticulous. Delco Solutions can verify that your updated security system meets every safety need. Upgrade to one of our sophisticated, user-friendly solutions to:

1) Keep Track of All Activity Throughout a Facility

2) Better Protect Employees, Students, Equipment, Clients, and Valuables

3) Lower the Risk of Asset Loss

4) Reduce Liability and Insurance

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Custom School or Commercial Security System Integrations

Nowadays, protecting your school or business means implementing more than a simple security camera system. A fully-integrated video surveillance system consists of various components for multi-faceted asset protection. We proudly install industry-leading hardware such as Verkada, Hanwha Techwin America cameras, Paxton products, Salto and Brivo. Our experts optimize every detail for peak safety protocol.

Video Surveillance System

Businesses and educational facilities need an integrated network for gathering, storing, and filtering surveillance footage. Security camera system installation from Delco Solutions provides an accessible way to track all live activity.

Communications System

Streamline communication and effortlessly broadcast messages by updating to a customized communications system.

Access Control Systems

Businesses and schools outgrew the need for traditional keyrings and admittance passcodes long ago. An access control system installation from Delco Solutions allows easy entry authorization and management without the hassle. 

Importance of Digital Surveillance & Controlled Access

As your organization grows, keeping track of activity within your facility becomes more challenging. Our goal at Delco Solutions is to simplify this process by providing advanced digital security solutions. We integrate all components, Hanwha Techwin America cameras, and Salto access control, into a single interface. This integration allows for maximized accessibility and ease of use. Protecting your school or business is simpler than ever with surveillance systems from Delco Solutions.

Security cameras on building exterior

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As one of Philadelphia’s leading audio visual and security solutions companies, our innovative video surveillance systems provide premium protection for commercial and educational facilities. We even train your staff on how to use the software and provide direct access to technical support. Your organization deserves ultimate protection, and our solutions are the best defense. Visit our website to request a quote for updating your commercial or educational security system. 

Our Security Systems Will Keep Your Facility Safe and Secure.

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