Conference Room AV Solutions

Make the most out of meetings!

As a high-performance worker in the modern workplace, you understand the need for up-to-date technology; particularly in the conference room where meetings are held and big decisions are made. That is why we believe in giving you the practical advice you need so you can influence others to think as you do and plan for the future.

Simply put, with modern AV in the office…

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Upgrade Your Conference Rooms with Video Walls

Dramatically increase the reach and engagement power of your messaging

Our innovative video wall systems provide a bright, high-resolution display platform so all presentations, ideas, and information can be clearly and easily seen. Users can instantly share presentations, review documents, or dial into a video conferencing system to collaborate with remote attendees.


With our video wall control software, getting your information perfectly displayed is quick and easy. All Delco Solutions video walls can be mounted to just about any type of wall. If you need a mobile video wall, we can also create a portable solution designed to meet all of your needs.  Additionally, all Delco Solutions video walls can be set up so all the individual screens show different things – ideal for viewing various stats to get the whole picture of your business or to make your case in a board meeting – or they can be programmed to work as 1 unit. Better yet, you have the ability to switch between the two options, so the configuration can change on the fly for each meeting.


We’ll always make sure your team is thoroughly trained on the operation and maintenance of your video wall system. If you run into any problems, a Delco Solutions install expert will come out and fix the problem free of charge.

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