Boardroom and Conference Room AV Solutions

Clear Communication to Make the Most Out of Your Meetings

The boardroom of your facility holds your brand’s potential. Those walls contain the foundation of your campaigns, ideas, processes, and decision-making. Modern professionals understand the need for up-to-date technology in this space. Delco Solutions optimizes conference room AV installation to inspire collaboration and growth within your business. Proudly serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we prioritize customer experience and client success.

Simply put, with modern AV in the office…

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Conference room table with a monitor mounted to the wall at the other end
Conference room table with a monitor mounted to the wall at the other end

Signs Your Boardroom and Conference Room Need an Upgrade

  1. Unorganized Hardware – The current teleconferencing system features unsightly wires and cords running on the floor and table.
  2. Insufficient Communication – Board members and attendees crowd or “huddle” to talk or hear.
  3. Outdated Conference Room Equipment – A torn, wrinkled projector screen or dull bulb indicates the need for hardware updates.
  4. Lack of Compatibility – The operating system isn’t compatible with user-based programs like Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Modern AV Solutions

A professional conference room AV installation from Delco Solutions brings your company into the digital age. We can streamline your messages for clear communication. Our audio visual technicians employ years of expertise to ensure peak performance and usability. 

More Efficient Work Processes

Employees work more efficiently at a facility that implements modern AV technology. Workers accomplish tasks faster when software works as expected. Organizers can optimize processes, completing tasks with ease. 

Save Time & Money

At Delco Solutions, we also train our dedicated audio visual technicians to optimize installations for budget and space. Plus, going digital with presentation materials saves on printing costs.

Establish Effective Visual Communication

Advanced conference room AV services let presenters communicate their message effectively. Boardroom AV solutions allow for presentation through multiple avenues. Adapt to any learning style by pairing an advanced audio system with a Panasonic display or Epson projector.

Boardroom and Conference Room AV Services

Our innovative boardroom AV solutions provide you with ample opportunity to communicate your message using top-quality hardware. Increase reach and engagement power with an updated conference room AV system from Delco Solutions.

Video Display Walls

A high-resolution video wall display allows for more than just a clear presentation of data. These sophisticated displays project feeds, information, news, and emotions to your audience with ease. Presenters gain instant access to documents and files for visual aids. This crystal clear wall display also includes advanced video conferencing capabilities. We also specialize in portable or mounted displays for boardrooms and conference rooms to encourage visual learning. Our professional-grade video wall integrations provide an interactive, dynamic avenue for any presentation.

Audio Systems

No one wants to crowd around a single desktop speaker on the conference table. Advanced audio system installations from Delco Solutions facilitate group communication. Our AV solutions allow for quick, easy, and precise message portrayal. Plus, we implement industry-leading hardware such as Shure microphones and QSC brand speakers.

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Our expert conference room av system installation ensures seamless communication within your organization. Reach out to our trained technicians for the best audio visual installations in the tri-state area, including Delaware and New Jersey. Boardrooms and conference rooms need innovative audio visual solutions to keep viewers engaged. Inspire learning and optimize group communication with help from Delco Solutions.

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