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Humans tend to be visual learners. In fact, according to the Social Science Research Network, a majority of the population (65%) is considered visual learners, meaning they more easily retain data from graphics and imagery than from text or audio. Implementing the latest audio visual technology within classrooms is an incredibly effective way to facilitate this widespread preference and make learning easier for pupils. By installing high-tech projectors and interactive hardware in lecture halls, specialized audio visual companies like Delco Solutions can help maximize learning and enjoyment amongst students in Philadelphia and the tri-state area.

Benefits of Upgraded Lecture Hall Technology

1. Streamlined Delivery

Advanced audio visual installations within the classroom allow lecturers to present data illustratively, keeping the audience more engaged than with, for example, traditional whiteboard methods. These techniques also allow for more collaborative communication amongst classmates. 

2. Increased Enjoyment

Implementing interactive features and capabilities presents more opportunities for students to have fun while learning. Adequate installations also ensure presenter comfortability. Upgraded lecture hall AV technology makes participative, educational activities that are convenient for all involved parties.

3. Improved Recording Capabilities

Gone are the days of taking cell phone photos of the chalkboard. Modern lecture hall AV solutions make recording audio visual components of a lesson much more efficient and flexible.

Closeup of an audio visual control panel at a lecture podium

Lecture Hall Technology Installation Options

Our trained audio visual technicians specialize in the installation and repair of industry-standard AV hardware, including:


Delco Solutions is a leading resource for organizations and facilities looking to provide their audience with the best visual presentation experience by installing and repairing industry-leading projectors within their lecture halls. Our technicians specialize in Epson projector installation and restoration in the Philadelphia area.

Interactive Panels

Features that encourage authentic audience interaction and engagement can only enhance visual learning. Our team's valuable experience with interactive panels and their accompanying hardware helps to promote a rewarding learning experience for every party.

AV Solutions

Modern audio visual solutions allow for streamlined lesson plans and more straightforward presentations. Delco Solutions provides many AV solutions to ease learning in a classroom setting, such as wireless presentation systems and innovative lecture capture technology.

Sound Systems

Efficiently broadcast vital information with an advanced microphone amplification system. Our innovative sound solutions ensure conferencing and presentations are streamlined for optimal delivery in virtually any setting.

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Updated lecture hall projectors and interactive elements make learning more exciting and rewarding for everyone involved. If you’re looking to modernize lesson plans at your facility, reach out to our skilled audio visual technicians at Delco Solutions. Bring any classroom into the digital age with our leading projector installation and repair services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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