Interactive Classroom Technology to Encourage Productivity

Make Both Teaching and Learning More Involved with Expert Audio Visual Solutions

Classrooms and lecture halls hold a notoriously drab reputation. Most students expect learning environments to be unremarkable. Delco Solutions believes that students deserve more from the classroom and huddle spaces. They deserve an interactive educational setting that caters to their learning style. How can teachers maximize lessons to both educate and engage their pupils? With innovative, interactive classroom technology from Delco Solutions.

What is Interactive Classroom Technology?

The days of simply viewing content are over. Interactive classroom technology takes any lesson to new levels. These advancements allow learners to engage with the content. Traditional teaching techniques only scratch the surface of effective instruction. 


Today’s audio visual technology inspires students with a hands-on way of learning. From interactive whiteboards to virtual reality, Delco Solutions specializes in a variety of installations. Implementing interactive technology allows teachers and students more constructive flexibility in the classroom. Some examples of these solutions include:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Smart boards
  • Digital interactive displays
  • Interactive projectors
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Google forms
  • Virtual field trips
  • And more!
Teacher in an Interactive classroom

Benefits of Interactive Classroom Technology

Modern tech makes the traditional classroom setting obsolete. Advanced classroom technology, including projectors, microphones, speakers, and more from Delco Solutions gives this outdated environment a much-needed facelift. This technology pushes education into the future by providing numerous advantages:

  1. Ability to receive and give instant feedback
  2. Establishes a productive student response system
  3. Allows for more collaboration opportunities 
  4. Creates an engaging environment
  5. Satisfies various learning styles
  6. Improves information retention
  7. Trains students in modern technology
  8. Presents creative teaching avenues

Interactive Classroom Technology Installation Services in the Philadelphia Area

Delco Solutions urges educational organizations in the tri-state area to install an advanced interactive classroom system. We even offer a bundle of our professional services with Epson projectors to help meet budget expectations. This exclusive deal includes:

  • Epson Interactive Projectors
  • 90-inch whiteboard with mounting hardware
  • Plenum-rated HDMI, VGA, USB, 3RCA, and stainless steel wall plate
  • Classroom audio system including microphones and speakers
  • SMART Notebook software 
  • Expert installation

This unbeatable service offer guarantees a new-age, fully-immersive classroom experience. Help maximize learning potential by scheduling an appointment with our technicians today.

Contact Delco Solutions to Modernize Your Classroom with Interactive Technology

Our professional audio visual services have made outdated hardware like chalkboards and scantrons obsolete in lecture halls. We transform the teaching setting with integrated audio, smart boards, Epson projectors, and more. 

Upgrade your school huddle spaces and advance student learning with expert AV installations in the Philadelphia area. Reach out to our professional audio visual technicians to make learning more exciting for everyone in the classroom.

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