Hybrid Learning Solutions

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Expand Classroom Capabilities with Creative and Interactive Hybrid Learning Technology

Fully in-person teaching models don’t support the diverse learning needs of today’s students. Blended teaching approaches, on the other hand, enable different learning styles. With the sudden need for hybrid learning, teachers must instruct students differently. Philadelphia area audio visual leader Delco Solutions provides the latest technology for hybrid learning environments, enabling teachers to reach their students in new and creative ways.

What's Included in a Hybrid Class?

Blended learning requirements vary slightly by program and lesson. However, an optimized hybrid classroom typically includes the following basic components:

  • Video conferencing software platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, etc.)
  • Streamlined & reliable two-way communication structure
  • High-quality digital displays, monitors, or document cameras
  • Recording and streaming equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.)

Benefits of Hybrid Learning Systems

Remote education became a necessity within the last couple of years in both the K-12 and higher education levels. Online learning systems allow risk-free communication between instructors and students. It also offers many additional benefits, including but not limited to:

1. Improved Accessibility for Users with Disabilities or Special Needs

  • Multiple pathways for learning accommodate differing abilities
  • Various teaching techniques stimulate different senses for better retention
  • Hybrid learning formats inspire creativity and better concentration

2. Helps Develop Computer Aptitude and Technical Skills

  • Educates students in online etiquette and internet safety
  • Teaches students how to use computer programs and equipment
  • Familiarizes them with technical software and hardware

3. Refines Time Management and Organizational Skills

  • Reduces scheduling conflicts through integrated calendars
  • Provides students with more independence when arranging their personal schedules
  • Students have more say in their assignment timelines

4. Provides a Collective Database of Materials and Resources

  • Students and teachers are less likely to forget materials at home
  • Provides a backup of important work and data
  • Allows for universal access to stored documents and files, not only for students and teachers but for caregivers as well

5. Reduces Social Anxiety and Promotes a Healthy Environment

  • Creates less pressure on students to perform well in front of peers
  • Decreases risk of contamination and exposure to germs
  • Eliminates the difficult choice of taking a sick day

6. Creates New Avenues for Learning that are Otherwise Inaccessible 

  • Provides access to guest lecturers formerly limited by distance
  • Encourages additional connections with mentors from their field of study
  • Exposes students to supplemental expertise and professional knowledge

7. Expands Possibilities at Every Level

  • Facilitates diverse lessons for K-12, higher education, and beyond
  • Allows students, teachers, parents, caregivers, and aids reliable access to integrated resources
  • Offers streamlined, user-friendly methods of communication

Hybrid Classroom Technology

Audio Visual System Design

AV integration in a classroom engages teachers and students like never before. An installation from expert audio visual company Delco Solutions transforms a simple lesson into an immersive, enriching experience.

Hybrid Technology Installation

Today’s students and professionals require a dynamic, hybrid learning model to produce optimal results. Seamlessly switch between remote and in-person instruction with Delco Solutions’ hybrid classroom installations.

Contact Delco Solutions for Distance Learning Systems in the Philadelphia Area

Hybrid classroom technology allows for a more engaging and rewarding student experience. These inclusive teaching techniques benefit both teachers and students. Advancements in modern technology constantly create new blended learning solutions to facilitate diverse needs. Contact Delco Solutions to request a quote for distance learning systems and hybrid classroom setup throughout the Philadelphia Main Line region.

Closeup of a video conferencing camera mounted to a wall

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