Digital Signage and Video Walls

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Seamlessly Convey Your Message with Digital Signage Installations from Delco Solutions

Engage students, employees, and visitors in your organization with dynamic digital signage and video walls from Delco Solutions. Our high-quality design and installation will keep people in your establishment informed and interested. Simplify the communication of your messages by featuring them on your walls without paper or printed signage.

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a collection of monitors mounted together to form one screen. They work together to display a cohesive video or image, or they can also display an individual message on each screen. Facilities like corporate offices, healthcare centers, schools, entertainment venues, and more use video walls to delight potential clients, inform visitors of important information and stay secure.

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Digital Signage or Video Wall

A video wall or digital signage installation by Delco Solutions can boost sales and improve customer experience. People expect information to be fresh, relevant and engaging in the modern digital era. Printed posters and emailed memos don’t catch attention or engage people at the right moment. Utilize digital displays to convey dynamic messages where your employees and visitors need them. Impress your clients, educate your customers, and inform your staff with engaging content that’s readily accessible.

Video Wall Uses

Video walls from Delco Solutions have several surprising use cases in facilities like office buildings, schools, medical centers, entertainment venues, and more. Here are a few examples of the many applications for video walls:

  • Presentations – Use high-resolution video displays to make presentations pop for your employees and clients.
  • Event Schedules and Promotions – Share and promote scheduled events with your visitors or give notice about rescheduled events.
  • Interactive Displays – Captivate your visitors with interactive educational or promotional displays.
  • Maps and Directories – Display maps, directions, or directories in large facilities to help visitors navigate. Interactive options can show step-by-step guidance to their desired destination.
  • Security – Use the screens individually in security command centers to view each camera’s input simultaneously.
  • Emergency Messages – Keep visitors easily informed during an emergency. Share emergency information when and where it’s needed in your facility.
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Digital Signage and Video Wall Installation

The experts at Delco Solutions make digital signage and video wall installation simple. We design the perfect system for your application. Then, our experienced team seamlessly installs and sets up every piece of your configuration. After we install the system, our expert audio visual technicians train your staff on how to use it so you can get the most out of your system.

Contact Delco Solutions for Video Wall or Digital Signage Installation in Philadelphia Area

To boost sales and visitor experience in your facility, reach out to Delco Solutions, an expert audio visual company in Philadelphia. Our team of video wall installation experts will plan the perfect solution for your needs. Provide your employees and customers with captivating information when and where they need it with digital signage or a video wall.

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