The Ultimate Classroom AV Checklist for Happy Staff and Students

Classroom AV setup

Figuring out what classroom AV equipment you need is often easier said than done. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. Below, we’ve put together a checklist of classroom AV control system equipment that you should have in place before the start of the next school year. We’re also providing factors to consider and tips to help you get the most value out of your classroom AV system. 

Must Have AV Equipment for Classrooms and Lecture Halls

The best AV company in the Philadelphia area provides essential equipment for classrooms and lecture halls, including:

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard consists of a touch-sensitive display that lets users display and engage with content. Users can interact with the board using a digital pen or their fingertips. When they do, they can seamlessly write, draw, annotate, and manipulate content. 

To get started with interactive whiteboards, you’ll need computers, projectors, and displays. A whiteboard displays content from a computer screen, and the projector allows a user to share this content with a large group. You can also connect a board to a computer, and a user can control the screen with a special pen or by hand. 

Students using interactive whiteboard

Audio Systems

By using a system that delivers crisp, clear audio in your classrooms and lecture halls, every student will be able to hear what their teacher is saying. Plus, using an audio system equipped with amplification technology allows you to provide additional support to students who are dealing with hearing impairments. It can also help boost class participation. 

Document Cameras

With a document camera, users can display documents and other objects on a screen. Schools can pair document cameras with interactive whiteboards or computer screens. The cameras allow users to showcase live images and videos. They’re ideal for using a wide range of visuals to teach students about complex concepts. 

Wireless Presenters

Thanks to wireless presenters, your staff and students can move around freely and maintain full control over their presentations. This helps make presentations more engaging, interactive, and dynamic than ever before.

When in doubt about what equipment you’ll need, meet with an audio visual solutions provider. This gives you the opportunity to get personalized recommendations on AV equipment for your classrooms and lecture halls. 

AV Equipment Factors to Consider

Classroom AV Setup

Simply buying audio visual equipment is not enough. Here are factors to consider as you evaluate higher education lecture hall AV solutions:

  • Adapters and Cables: High-quality AV adapters and cables will help keep your classroom and lecture hall devices working properly and minimize the risk of signal degradation or interference.  
  • Electrical Supply: Consider the load capacity of the circuits in your classroom or lecture hall to avoid trip breakers during high-demand periods.
  • Microphones: The size of your classroom or lecture hall, the number of speakers, and your audio coverage requirements may determine the number of mics you need and whether you should choose wired or wireless options. 
  • Projectors: Brightness, connectivity, and projection distance should be considered, since these factors may impact how well your projector will perform in your classroom or lecture hall. 
  • Speakers: The type of speakers you need varies based on the size of your classroom and lecture hall and the desired sound quality. 
  • Technical Support: Find out if technicians are available to help you address your AV system concerns or questions.

Along with these things, it helps to make a budget for your audio visual system equipment. Then, you can look for equipment that delivers your desired results and won’t break your budget. 

AV System Tips

Your classroom and lecture hall AV systems can help you deliver amazing learning experiences. Here are tips to help you get the best results out of your systems:

  • Establish goals. Think about why you want AV systems in the first place and create system requirements based on the needs of your staff and students. 
  • Consider layout and acoustics. Assess a space’s layout and acoustics, so you can AV equipment that ensures staff and students can hear and see everything that’s happening in your classroom or lecture hall.
  • Partner with Experienced AV Professionals: Hire an AV solutions company that will provide equipment in alignment with your school’s requirements. 

Don’t leave anything to chance with AV solutions in your classrooms and lecture halls. Get help from a proven AV solutions provider. By doing so, you’ll receive plenty of support with your school’s AV systems. You’ll also be able to ensure that these systems are good to go at the start of the next school year. 

Want Help with Your School’s AV Systems?

Don’t ignore the signs that it’s time to upgrade your AV system. Delco Solutions can help you find the right audio visual solutions for your classrooms and lecture halls. Contact Delco Solutions for lecture hall and classroom AV setups.


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