Helping you find
the right audio-visual
and security solutions.

Helping you find
the right audio visual
and IT solutions.

Modernize. Communicate. Innovate.

When holding a meeting or teaching a class, you need audio-visual solutions that help you get your message across to today’s tech-savvy audiences, who expect more now from communicators than ever before.
Delco Solutions designs and installs intuitive audio-visual solutions that enhance communication with employees, customers, and students, leading to greater productivity and a higher return on investment.

An AV and Security Partner
with a Shared Vision

Helping you find the right audio-visual and security solutions.

Delco Solutions is an audio-visual design and installation company servicing the Greater Philadelphia area, including Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We combine expertise in both audio-visual and networking fields. We believe that in order to provide the very best audio-visual services, your AV partner must have a comprehensive knowledge of not just AV, but also networking infrastructure, as these two disciplines continue to overlap and eventually merge.

Two large projectors and screens at the front of a lecture hall

Core Audio Visual Services

Delco Solutions provides a full range of AV and security design, installation, maintenance and
repair services throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond.

Conferencing Systems: Boardrooms and Conference Rooms, Huddle Spaces and More

We can customize your boardroom or conference room based on your business’ individual goals. Whether you’re hosting meetings with remote participants or presenting to a room full of people, your state-of-the-art AV system will give you the utmost confidence. We’ll be with you every step of the way from design and installation to follow-up testing and training.

Video Walls and Digital Signage

Our innovative video wall systems provide a bright, high-resolution display platform so all presentations, ideas, and information can be clearly and easily seen. Users can instantly share presentations, review documents, or dial into a video conferencing system to collaborate with remote attendees.

Education: Lecture Halls, Interactive Classrooms & More!

Technology in higher education is consistently expanding and becoming a more prominent tool for students. Upgrade your lecture halls & classrooms to keep up with students’ expectations and help them be more successful. 


Reliable projectors with interactive screens provide high-quality presentations and lectures, while a versatile control center ensures ease of use with a variety of media. Interactive whiteboards, projectors, classroom audio systems, and student response systems all increase classroom productivity.

Security: Custom Systems
& Access Control Systems

Digitally recorded video allows administrators to easily monitor and review footage and ensure the safety of their co-workers and/or students. Surveillance from your security system can also be viewed remotely from any smartphone or tablet. Access to your building can be controlled via a card reader, keypad connected to an electronic door lock, or by “buzzing” someone in from your reception area while monitoring them through your security system.

Access control systems are a way to manage who has access to an area or specific resource at any given time. Access control systems restrict access to authorized users and provide managers and business owners with a way to keep track of who enters and leaves secured areas.