Signs It’s Time for a New AV Control System

AV control system on a conference room table

Are your audio visual control systems up to date? You may try to ignore AV control system issues, but these problems won’t disappear on their own. If you know what signs to watch for, you can upgrade your AV control systems before they stop working. 

Let’s look at five signs that indicate now’s a good time to invest in a new AV control system.

1. Your System Is Disorganized and Dangerous

Your old AV system may require many cords that go everywhere and create tripping hazards. State-of-the-art AV control systems require fewer cords than their predecessors or no cables at all.

2. Your System Requires Constant Troubleshooting

The time and money you spend to fix your AV system controller, AV control panel, or other AV system components can add up quickly. A new audio visual control system has fully functioning components and works as expected.

3. Audio and Visual Quality Is Low

Over time, the quality of your system’s audio and visuals will deteriorate. If your system’s audio is fuzzy and visuals are blurry, it’s time to upgrade.

4. It’s Difficult to Use Your System

Getting your system up and running can be time-consuming and exhausting. At this point, it’s time to switch to a system that’s easy to use.

5. Your Business Is Growing

Your employees may frequently complain about your system and everything it can’t do. This indicates your system is outdated, and an upgrade is necessary to keep pace with your business’s growth.

Why Now’s the Right Time to Upgrade Your AV System

Demand for AV systems is increasing globally, according to market research. There are several reasons why:

  • Employee and Customer Engagement: Organizations can use photos, graphs, diagrams, music, and other visual and audio elements to interact with employees and customers like never before.
  • Cost Savings: AV technologies promote anywhere, anytime communication and collaboration, which helps organizations reduce their travel expenses and eliminate the need for physical meeting spaces.
  • Brand Promotion: With AV systems, organizations can utilize digital signage to showcase their brands, promote their products and services, and drive sales and revenues.

When in doubt about whether to upgrade your AV controller or other AV system components, consult with a Philadelphia AV company. This gives you access to personalized AV system recommendations, services, and support.

Tips to Upgrade Your Audio Visual System

Do not let a slow, underperforming audio visual system hamper your organization any longer. Here are tips to help you find AV system that will serve you well long into the future: 

1. Create a Budget

Figure out how much you can spend on a new audio visual system. It also helps to identify your system must-haves and wants.

2. Connect with Your Organization’s Stakeholders

Get feedback from employees who’ll use your new system and other stakeholders across your organization. With a collaborative decision-making process, you can choose a system that matches your stakeholders’ requirements.

3. Account for Your Building Infrastructure

Look at your building infrastructure and consider the AV equipment you’ll need. For instance, if you want new AV equipment for a meeting room, account for the room’s size and layout. You can then search for AV technologies to maximize your room’s acoustics.

4. Evaluate Your Current AV System

Make a list of your current AV system problems. Share this list with an AV company, since it’ll help the business provide you with a system that addresses these issues.

5. Consult with an AV Company

Meet with an AV company to discuss your audio visual system request. The company’s AV technicians will ask you questions and get the insights they need to fulfill your request.

Get a New Audio Visual System

If you’ve been struggling with your AV control system, now’s the perfect time to upgrade.

Delco Solutions combines unmatched service with best-in-class equipment. We’re happy to help you find the right audio visual solutions.

Contact the audio visual experts at Delco Solutions today for a new AV control system in your facility.


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